An Eureka moment is when you stumble accidentally or otherwise on something or somebody and from then on, your life is paradigmatically shifted to whole new direction, quite unlike what you had always envisaged. It’s like a miracle. Whether it’s an act of God or just completely random is quite subjective. It depends on who is talking. For me, I would say its serendipity. You know; a fortunate accident. And it has happened to me.
A famous guy ( I can’t remember his name) once said that the most important moment in a mans life is not his birthday, but rather when he discovers why he was born. In a nutshell, the point in life is not to live, but it is to discover why you are living. I feel as if I have discovered my purpose. I think the quarter life crisis that has been tormenting me is finally ending.
Let me tell you something about myself.
From the time I was born, I have breathed and eaten art. I remember the first omen to this disposition; when I was in nursery school I remember winning a small toy in recognition of my artistic talent. I jealously kept the toy till the day of its mysterious disappearance. To this day, I have no inkling to its whereabouts.
I continued drawing and drawing in my childhood. My father was a formative figure at this period. He would inspire me to draw by example. Himself an apt draughtsman, he could draw human figures that seemed to jump off the paper. To this day, art has always been inherent to me. The ‘orderly’ mess that is my apartment is testament to this.

Then technology came. It’s a very logical element but artistic too. Like any man, I like toys. As a toy car is to a small boy, so are smartphone’s and computers to me, and to other ‘normal’ men. My head assumed its multitasking mode and alas! I had my first Eureka moment. How could I combine my love for art and technology to create something that I would totally embrace, much more than either of the two, because of the sensible conclusion that the outcome of the duo would be the better of the two worlds. And 3d animation was the answer.
As we speak, 3D animation is leading as my number one priority. Trailing at a respectable distance, are food, shelter and the very essential oxygen! It’s a classic case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Because of 3d animation, my nocturnal nature has manifested itself. I relish every golden moment spent with my laptop for insanely long stretches of time. The only call of nature is the occasional short call. Not even the mind bogglingly complicated Autodesk Maya 2014 software I am using is enough to unfaze me.

All I want to become from now till the end of time is a 3d animator. Period!


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